Welcome IAQG Members and Industry Participants!

The IAQG sets the standard for quality within the worldwide supply chain of the aerospace industry. The organization is comprised of member companies within the aviation, space and defense industries who design, development, manufacture and support original equipment at system or subsystem levels. The IAQG is committed to establishing commonality of quality systems and improvement standards.  These standards are documented, published and applied internationally by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and circulated throughout the supply chain.

Levels of Membership

The IAQG is organized into three geographic sectors (AAQGEAQG, and APAQG). Each sector carries out the International initiatives of the organization and works with their respective sponsors to publish the standards. Within each sector, there are three levels of membership:

  • Full members: This group of member companies who, elected by their respective sectors, act on behalf of the sector at the General Assembly and vote on IAQG resolutions.
  • Associate members: Companies that do not have IAQG voting rights and attend IAQG General Assembly meetings with a consultative voice only.
  • Affiliate members: Companies who have voting rights in an IAQG sector or are a company subsidiary belonging to the same parent. Affiliate members do not have IAQG voting rights but may contribute to IAQG initiatives by providing resources.
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International Harmonization

IAQG developed the Industry Controlled Other Party (ICOP) scheme that targets global harmonization of the Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS). Through ICOP, activities conducted by accredited Certification Bodies (CB) ensure best practices are met via the ICOP process and maintains OASIS that houses all information related to AQMS certifications, auditors and audit results. Before the ICOP scheme was established, various quality requirements were dictated by each customer, forcing them to conduct audits themselves.

Thanks to the implementation of ICOP, the 9100 series are accepted quality standards, thus reducing audits for EACH customer.  This progression of the industry has eliminated redundant auditing, providing value in time and money to all members, suppliers and the industry at large.

The success of ICOP and the IAQG is realized in the more than 18,000 AQMS certifications covering 25,000 sites. Additionally, ICOP is recognized from authorities includes the FAA, EASA through AMC, ATLA in Japan, and the DCMA in the USA and Germany.